Bigfoot Robot provides a range of services designed to work with your budget, while giving you modern, advanced tools to compete in today’s online marketplace. Read each overview bel0w, then click to learn more.

Affordable Web Design Using Today’s Modern Tools

The driving force behind Bigfoot Robot is our goal to provide reasonably priced web design for everybody. Too many of our competitors insist in charging for custom coding that is simply unnecessary in most circumstances. Whether you are a small business trying to gain a foothold in your industry, or a larger company that still watches the bottom line, Bigfoot Robot can provide you a unique, high quality site for a fraction of the price of those other guys, but with all the functionality and style you need.

What does this actually mean? Think 1/10th of the cost of a standard site. Sound interesting?

Social Media That Helps Your Business Rather Than Distracting You From It

Everybody tells you, “you need Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Instagram…” but do you really? Yes, Social Media is often an amazing device for spreading the word about your product or service, but it takes time and technique to use it right.

Your business should be your focus, and you probably don’t have the time to keep your social media active. That’s where we come in. Bigfoot Robot and our team of social media professionals will manage it all for you, giving you more time to focus on what you’re good at, namely your business.

Video Is Huge To Online Customers… But How Do You Make It?


In 2013, Forbes Magazine noted that video marketing was ranked second in effective marketing tools, even over white papers, in-person demos and case studies. That was then, but today video is even stronger. One online source found that 90% of all online buyers find video a major element in their buying decision.

So do you have to pay a fortune for a fancy production? No. Often all you need is an iPhone and some creativity. That’s where Bigfoot Robot comes in. Our team, led by an award-winning filmmaker, can produce a full, fancy commercial or a simple web demo for a price that will make you smile, and your customers buy.

A Marketing Plan Doesn’t Cost A Lot, But Not Having One Could

Sometimes you are simply too busy meeting the needs of your day-to-day business to plan much farther than the next month, week or day. But having a plan for how you will approach buyers is a key element to the future of your company. Some companies charge a fortune for this service, but it doesn’t have to.

Bigfoot Robot will sit with you and make a plan on how to use each element of your sales model, from website to social media and beyond. The goal? To have a roadmap that will help your company grow, and a marketing plan for the future to help guide you and your business.