Below you will find our base pricing for a variety of services we offer. In addition to single service prices, we have also developed a few packages that are designed to fit within a budget, while still providing you all the services you need for your business.

We encourage you to contact us for more detailed pricing, and to build a package that fits your needs.

Monthly Packages

Starter Package

The Starter package provides you a reasonably price solution to provide you a new website AND social media management, all for an affordable monthly price.

What’s included in this package:

  • Artisan Website Package (see below)
  • Social Basic Package (see below)

Starting at $300 per month

*One year commitment required

eCommerce + Package

You need an online sales solution now, but can’t afford a big chunk down? Try out eCommerce +Package, providing you a reasonable monthly fee and giving you a robust shopping cart solution, a professional website and social media management.

What’s included in this package:

  • Business Website Package (see below)
  • Social Media Basic Package (see below)

Starting at $450 a month

*One year commitment required

Web Design Packages


The Artisan package is the perfect starting point for building a professional web presence. This package includes a single page design (a very popular style today), blog posting capability, an attractive banner design and a contact form for customers to reach you. When you blog, the site will be configured to auto post your blog to Facebook and/or Twitter, reducing the need to update multiple platforms.

What’s included in this package:

  • Basic single-page website
  • Auto post to Facebook capability
  • Blog capability
  • Basic photography (as needed)
  • One year (12 months) hosting included

Starting at $1,500


 As your business grows, and you want to provide an even more professional experience for your customers, our Business option may be right for you. Choosing from a list of more advanced eCommerce-style templates, we will build you a fully functional online store, integrated with your choice of credit card processors. 

What’s included in this package:

  • Fully functional eCommerce solution
  • Integration with your choice of credit card processors*
  • Auto post to Facebook capability
  • Blog capability
  • Basic photography (as needed)

Starting at $3,500

*Note: additional fees for hosting, processor activation, static IP and SSL certificate may apply.

Social Media & Marketing Packages

Social Basic

You’re great at running your business, but that pesky need to stay updated with social media just keeps getting in the way. The Social Basic package will solve the problem for you. Let us manage your social media basics, leaving you to focus on what you’re good at, running your company.

What’s included in this package:

  • One to three Facebook and/or Twitter updates per week*

Starting at $150/month

*Content provided by customer.

Social Advanced

You know you need a professional marketing plan but you simply can’t find the time to lead the charge. Social Advanced adds a marketing team to manage the complex but necessary aspects of a real plan for your business.

What’s included in this package:

  • Two to three Facebook and/or Twitter updates per week
  • A professional press release per month for your next major announcement/event
  • Press release distribution*
  • Quarterly meeting to review upcoming needs and plan future marketing
  • Annual plan meetings, including media and advertising coverage
  • Advertising design, layout and management

Starting at $500/month

*Additional fees for press release distribution may apply.

Digital Production Packages

Video Starter

Video, even simple video, attracts 300% more traffic than standard posts. If you provide a service that is better outlined by a bit of solid video clips, you want to explain services using video, or you just think providing some cool video clips now and then will help build traffic, you are right. Let us help build your video campaign.

What’s included in this package:

  • One 2-minute videos in High Definition per month
  • Professional cinematography and editing
  • Assistance in posting and making the most of the video spot

Starting at $300/month

*This is an add-on to a Social Media or Web Design package.

Digital Production Advanced

A commercial for your company doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and doesn’t have to air during the Superbowl to make a difference. A fun, entertaining or informative video can build your brand and create a style that resonates with a wide audience. The Digital Production Advanced Add-on provides the expertise to develop and produce a quality commercial of corporate video, and provides the tools to get it seen by prospective customers.

What’s included in this package:

  • Writing, development and production of spot
  • Basic production & post-production services
  • Consultation on how to present the final product

Prices depend on complexity of project. Call for a quote!

*This is a stand alone package

Want to discuss your needs?