Our Portfolio

A few examples of our recent work…

Stone Tower Press

An active publishing site with numerous online purchases weekly and regular content updates. The site uses the customers SquareUp account to link their sales, as well as an email system to notify the shipper of a new order.


A popular entertainment industry news destination covering the post production process on a wide range of feature film, broadcast and streaming projects. The site also highlights users via a weekly podcast, newsletters and videos from product conventions. Bigfoot Robot assists with the website, supports the site graphically, and produces the client’s podcast.

Ioka Farms

A major, Oregon-based seed grower, Ioka Farms needed to modernize their website, creating a more visual yet information-based offering. Bigfoot Robot created a design that captured the feel of the farming family. The project covered three sites, including Ioka Farms, Ioka Marketing and PGG Seeds.

Colebrook Fire Department

Realizing the critical need to increase public awareness and expand fundraising for this volunteer fire department, Colebrook Fire, Forge Company uses their site to promote community projects and bring fire safety awareness to the public.