Narrative – Series – Feature – Short

On Hold

A comedy web series created by John, and co-written and produced by Craig Kuehne, follows two hapless middle aged men working for a dead end telecommunication firm while they slowly realize their lives aren’t going anywhere…

Season 2 of the series is currently in production.


A feature film starring Marisa Tomei, John served as a producer on the film for Sententia Entertainment, where he led development and production.

Den of Thieves

A web series produced for Judah Sachs and 60 Frames. John worked with writers from Prison Break to create this moody piece about a family with dark secrets.

In & Out

This long-form short film, shot on 35mm film and directed by John, follows a young couple on a crime spree while struggling over their own relationship.

The Reach

A short film produced and directed by John for the Producers Guild short film contest. Made in 48 hours, the film examines the depth of a mother’s love during a zombie outbreak.


A sci-fi web series directed by Trey Stokes, John produced the project under his early web development company, Phantom Ride.