Digital Production

The world is all about moving pictures, and whether we like it or not, video is the best tool to sell your product. But shooting a commercial doesn’t have to mean hundred of thousands of dollars and  a spot in primetime. With today’s active and, quite frankly, effective viral mentality, making a fun, funny, informative or entertaining video is more about the creativity and less about the money.

We’ve got the experience…

Bigfoot Robot was founded by an Emmy Award-winning artist with over three decades of experience in the entertainment industry. But despite all his professional experience, he brings with him the ability to create great content on a smaller budget.

Let’s look at a few examples:

Video Drives Traffic

One of the most famous, and in-famous viral video capaigns in recent years came from irreverent Dollar Shave Club. Their spot, with everthing from a machete to a shaving baby, earned 4.75 million views in short order. Did it do it because it was a highly polished, expensive spot set in France with some big star?

Not even close.

The success of the spot was not that they spent a lot of money, but that they were clever, used humor and imagery to get across the point of their product. And it worked.

Use Video To Education and Inform

You don’t always have to sell something with video. It’s equally important to be a resource to your customers, providing insight, wisdom and education, free of charge. You don’t give away all your trade secrets, but sharing some simple ideas will make them want to trust you, rely on you, and come back to you when they need your services.

If you’re an electician, show some simple videos that outline how to change a breaker, or replace a plug. They probably won’t hire you to do that for you, but if you help them, they will turn to you when there’s somethign that requires your expertise.

Or, if you make a product, show videos of how it works, how to make the most of its features, and fun ways you’ve found to use it. It’s entertaining and often fun, and all the time they are watching your brand.

Even the simplest video needs to be made right.

In today’s world, we all have a video camera in our pocket. But when professionals make videos they consider things like lighting, sound and setting. A bad video will hurt you more than no video at all. But a good video will drive traffic, and sales.

The truth is, producing video is not out of your reach. We can help you, whether editing together footage you’ve already shot, or helping you create a project from scratch.

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