About Us

What IS Bigfoot Robot... and where did you come up with that name?!

Bigfoot Robot came from John’s early days growing up in Oregon, when imagination was borne from hours of exploring in the forest, looking for adventure. 

That spirit of adventure has led John through many facets of the entertainment industry over the years, from cinematography, visual effects, graphic design, producing and more. Bigfoot Robot is a culmination of all those skills, where he and Maggie can offer multiple services to clients, taking advantage of over 30 years of experience in entertainment. 

…and the name combines John’s childhood fascination with searching for Bigfoot and his modern day passion for technology and media! 

John FK Parenteau


John’s career spans over thirty years during which he has worked in nearly every aspect of filmmaking, including cinematography, visual effects, writing, producing and directing. He won an Emmy Award in 1995 for his work on Star Trek: Voyager, and has supervised or produced visual effects on such wide ranging projects as Hunger Games, Oceans 8 and Iron Man.

As a filmmaker, John has a passion for story and character, and enjoys examining the deeper side of the human psyche in his films. John is currently developing feature and episodic content under his Bigfoot Robot banner.

Maggie Jones-Parenteau


Maggie’s career spans 25 years as a manager, financial officer and department head for a variety of mortgage, real estate offices and professional organizations across the country. She has also worked as a realtor for Remax and Century 21, a Lending Portfolio Manager for Wells Fargo, and taught financial management as Army Emergency Relief Loan Officer to soldiers at Camp Humphreys, South Korea.

Maggie’s strengths are in both financial management and client support. Most recently, Maggie transitioned into entertainment producing, and has produced various content, including the web series The Overlay and season 2 of On Hold, as well as several music videos for Bigfoot Robot.

John is a proud member of the following professional organizations: