What IS Bigfoot Robot... and where did you come up with that name?!

Bigfoot Robot came from John’s early days growing up in Oregon, when imagination was borne from hours of exploring in the forest, looking for adventure. 

That spirit of adventure has led John through many facets of the entertainment industry over the years, from cinematography, visual effects, graphic design, producing and more. Bigfoot Robot is a culmination of all those skills, where he can offer multiple services to clients, taking advantage of his over 30 years of experience in entertainment. 

…and the name combines John’s childhood fascination with hunting Bigfoot and his modern day passion for technology and media! 

John is a proud member of the following professional organizations:

John’s career in the motion picture and television industry has included some remarkable achievements and unique experiences, all of which have informed and evolved his love for story telling to what it is today.

His career began as a cinematographer after graduating from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Even while in school, John was already working as an assistant cameraman on a variety of national commercial campaigns, including FedEx, McDonald’s and American Express. He never limited his style of work as a cameraman, choosing to explore the visual styles available in narrative long form, documentary series and anything in between.  His first feature as Director of Photography was the 1988 gritty thriller Dead Beat, shot in Austin, Texas. Later on, John was cinematographer on the PBS series, The Astronomers. His work took him around the globe, from the corral reefs of the Bahamas to the mountain peaks of Chile, and let him see the world in a new light at every turn.

While still shooting, John taught himself 3D animation when it was still in its infancy, and soon joined Amblin Entertainment in 1992, first as an animator and later as supervisor for a variety of television series that were incorporating visual effects for the first time on a weekly basis. John used his abilities as a cinematographer to translate a visual style into the computer, a skill that earned him an Emmy Award for computer animation on Star Trek: Voyager in 1995. Throughout his career in visual effects, John’s unique ability to bring real world techniques to the 3D world earned him a strong reputation as both an artist and a supervisor.

Always looking to grow his filmmaking skills, John continually sought out opportunities to expand his producing and management experience. At Amblin Entertainment, John was promoted to Vice-President and General Manager of Spielberg’s fledgling visual effects arm, Amblin Imaging, a position John held for three years. John was also tapped by Will Vinton Studios (now Laika) to produce an animated TV special, their first foray into full computer generated story telling. John has also lead development divisions for Sententia Entertainment (a division of VFX shop Cafe FX) where he produced the feature film Danika, starring Marisa Tomei, and oversaw multiple feature film projects in development at the company.

Even before web content was the powerhouse it has become, John was producing series for online services. Through his company Phantom Ride Entertainment, John produced the series ARK for Trey Stokes and 60 Frames. Later, he served as producer on Den of Thieves for Judah Sachs.