Tips on how to rock your Business Facebook Post

Facebook is a lot more powerful of a marketing tool than you may think, and most business owners don’t realize that there are certain “do’s” and “don’ts” when considering their Facebook post.   Its not just about putting up your latest sale item, or your special of the day.  Realizing how your audience perceives your Facebook presence can carry you a long way.  

Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of your business posting:

Tip #1 – Humans as a whole are very visual, so a nice picture is always helpful.  But did you know that a bad picture can have the opposite effect?  Is your picture fuzzy?  Is it sideways?  Does it show you/the business owner/an employee in a bad light?  Something as simply as having eyes closed can look bad. Taking a moment to consider how your audience will “see” your imagery will save you a wasted post, or even negative impact on your business.  

Tip #2 – Do not post a sale or a special on a colored background, as it is more difficult for the human eye to focus on the text. It might look fun to you, but if it’s hard to read, it’s not going to promote your business. Instead, post a picture of the sale/special item.  With today’s technology, you can simply use your smartphone, but use it without the flash, and as a landscape picture, not a portrait (wide, not tall).  

Tip #3 – Does your post take the viewer to your website, or are you just showing them a picture and a statement?  You always want your viewers to ultimately end up at your website, which is where they’ll get a better sense of your business and what you offer.  Simply type in your websites URL when you post, and you’ll see the link appear below.  It’s that easy.  You can then go back and delete the actual URL so your post looks clean.  If your business, or the topic with which you’re referring to does not have an actual website, but a Facebook Page, then use that URL to lead your audience there! Remember, it does no good to post something if it doesn’t support your business.   Every post should lead to a way for your potential customers to make a purchase or contact you!

Tip #4 – Spell check!  Even the smallest of grammar errors or spelling mistakes will make your business look unprofessional! Good english (and the attention to detail to proofread your posts) will show your audience that you are a detail-oriented business person, and even that subtle statement will make potential customers feel good about you.

Tip #5 – Don’t inundate your audience with a lot of posts throughout the day!  Information overload is a deal breaker.  Your potential customer may just un-follow you because they are tired of getting too many posts.  A much unnoticed function in Facebook is the ability to Schedule posts. Right next to the Publish button is a little arrow. Click that and select Schedule. Now you can plan the best time to release your post. Think about when YOU read Facebook? First thing in the morning? At lunch? Time your posts to appear in a timely manner, and to reach the most audience. If you, for example, post at 2pm, by the time people at work get to Facebook, many other posts on your timeline will have pushed your post down, down, down… so far the reader may never get to it in the short time people spend reviewing their timelines. Smart posting is easy if you give it some thought.

I hope these little tips and tricks will help all those business owners out there tackle their Facebook woes.  For more information, or if you’re interested in letting the pros do the work for you, contact me at or visit our website